Vandalism in White’s Road Park

Walking with my five year old through White’s Road Park a few Sundays ago during a beautiful spring afternoon, we noticed some vandalism. “What’s that on the tree?” my daughter asked, “That’s the letter ‘A’ for Anna,” she claimed. “How did it get there?” Questions, questions. I proceeded to tell her that some people– especially teenagers– when they like each other very much carve their initials or their names in trees for everyone to see. “Why don’t you put our names on the trees?” A logical question from a five year old. I can imagine the headlines in the Reporter, “Lansdale mayor caught defacing Borough property”. As I looked at some of the dates and messages scrawled into the trees, I couldn’t help but smile. I lightly contemplated this destruction of Borough property and of these trees– which I am sure someone will criticize– but there is something stirring about this form of rebellion that is reminiscent of a simpler time.

Whites Road Park 023

It’s interesting to see how the inscriptions have become larger with the passage of time and the growth of the tree. Note the dates May 1 1976, 3-21-79, etc.

Whites Road Park 001


Whites Road Park 003

LH + DS on another tree

Whites Road Park 011

Punam (I looked this one up and it is an Indian girl’s name which means Day of Full Moon. It’s also the title of 2006 documentary about a Nepalese girl.)

Whites Road Park 012

Holly Seipt

Whites Road Park 013

Steve + Christy

Whites Road Park 014

Angela + Sal.

Whites Road Park 015

This is the ‘A’ that my daughter Anna noticed.

Whites Road Park 017

Lots going on this tree.

Whites Road Park 019

Erv loves Brit 8-14-05

Whites Road Park 020

Antonio love Rosa 4 ever

Whites Road Park 022

JU + ELI 4.13.93


One response to “Vandalism in White’s Road Park

  1. Well done Mr. Mayor! As many times as I’ve walked through the park that never caught my eye. Thank your daughter for me ;)

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