The Arts In Lansdale. Jazz at Round Guys Brewery.

I have written much about the arts in Lansdale–  mostly critical of tax payer dollars spent on the arts center. Here’s something a bit more positive about the arts (and it doesn’t cost the tax payer a cent unless of course, he or she buys a beer): Round Guys Brewery has fantastic jazz every Wednesday night courtesy of the Mike Mahomet Jazz Company. Having worked in a jazz bar (The Saloon on U Street) in Washington after college, the caliber of  Mike Mahomet’s Jazz Company is first rate. Comprised of seasoned jazz veterans, such those below in the photos, Lansdale is very lucky to have this art form. With the silky smooth melodies of 1920’s jazz tunes, Mike and his jazz cohorts play some of the best jazz standards from one of America’s finest art forms. And this all takes place in Lansdale at Round Guys Brewery on Wood Street.  Mike Mahomet jazz 008 Mike Mahomet jazz 013


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