Monthly Archives: July 2013

“Lansdale’s very own Music Man”

Yesterday I attended Steve Frederick’s funeral; never before had I seen such a celebration of a man’s life. Thousands poured into North Penn High School to pay their respects to his family and to memorialize his legacy to the community. I didn’t know Steve that well. We met six or seven years ago to discuss the Lansdale Center for the Performing Arts and the North Penn Symphony Orchestra. Since then we had lunch a few times, and we would always meet each year at the Tuba Christmas Concert in Lansdale– one of the events that characterizes Lansdale, slightly quirky and fun-loving without any pretention.up to 12182012 049 There were also Montgomery County Band concerts in Whites Road Park every year which were favorites in the summer series. Standing in the receiving line listening to stories about Steve, hearing the eulogies and reading about Steve in his Life Celebration program, I learned that what I knew about Steve only scratched the surface, and I was particularly struck by the line in the program, “To Steve Frederick, Lansdale’s very own Music Man”. I only wish I had come to know him better. On behalf of the Borough of Lansdale and all its residents, thank you, Steve Frederick, for making our community a better place.07282013 067