Monthly Archives: November 2012

DARE Calendar

Here are the photos of Lansdale to be included in the 2013 Calendar which will benefit the DARE Program at York Avenue, Knapp Elementary and Mater Dei. I’m looking for a few good photos of the tree lighting, the Mardi Gras Parade and something representative of the month of July or any other good photos of Lansdale, please let me know. The estimated cost of the calendar will be $10.January White’s Road Park

February Freight Trains

March Old Freight Station

April 311 West Main Street

May Memorial Park

June Lansdale Train Station

July Geller Building

August Founders’ Day

September Bike Night

October Lansdale Cemetery

November Mardi Gras Parade

December Christmas Tree

2012 Election

In my role as the mayor of Lansdale, I went around to the nine polling precincts in town to wish the voters well in their right to select our commander-in-chief of the United States in addition to our other local, state and federal officials. What I found– as evidenced by the accompanying photos– was a jolly group of civilized men and women supporting their Democratic or Republican Parties (I can’t say I met anyone from any third parties). Not once was there any name calling, derogatory statements or impoliteness exhibited. In fact, there was a neighborly camaraderie in the air: Republicans and Democrats smiling together (you can’t really tell from the photo but Bob Willi is actually smiling).

Halloween in Lansdale

Halloween in Lansdale– more specifically West Mount Vernon Street– is something to behold (new to the neighborhood, we were warned that to have five hundred trick or treaters was not uncommon). For those non-Lansdale residents or citizens of other countries, I have attached some photos. This year more than six hundred costumed children (and in some cases, their costumed parents) came up the steps to our front door with a hearty “Trick or Treat”. This very American and quirky tradition is alive and well here in Lansdale.