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The Color of Flags

I wasn’t at the Parks and Recreation Committee meeting on Wednesday, but after reading the Lansdale-Montgomeryville Patch summary of the meeting and the comments online this is certainly a heated subject. I won’t go into the debate regarding the flying of another countries flag here as that has been written about in both the Patch and the Reporter. What I will propose here is an attractive and relatively inexpensive idea for consideration. Last year the Borough installed approximately 50 new street lamps on Main Street and Madison Street. Each lamp post could accommodate a few flags sized proportionately to the post and street (see United Nations Way below). There could be a dedication of one flag each week– or for the nationality’s holiday– culminating in eventually 50 to 100 flags (The Benjamin Parkway in Philadelphia has 109 flags). Lansdale’s downtown International Circle  (it has a nice ring to it) promoting our diverse heritage– German, Irish, Italian, Bangladeshi, French, Mexican, Spanish, English, Sudanese, Hungarian, Slovak, Scottish, Indian, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Venezuelan, Russian; the list goes on and on and of course, understanding that none would be larger or fly higher than the Stars and Stripes in town.

Look at the colors of the flags in the photos below and how pleasing they are to the eye (almost like a year round International Spring Festival):

United Nations Way in New York,

and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia.

Now imagine Main Street  and Madison Street, pictured below, filled with color as in the photos above.

 I welcome your thoughts.