Memorial Day

Summer in Lansdale kicks off with the Memorial Day Parade. I have to admit that before becoming mayor, Memorial Day was a long weekend and an excuse to get out of Lansdale and go to the mountains or the beach or some place else. Prior to 2008, I had attended one Memorial Day parade in Lansdale as a spectator sitting at the curb watching the marching bands and fire engines ride by. Being the mayor of Lansdale gives the parade and Memorial Day a new meaning that is difficult to put into words.

As I mentioned in my first blog post, I never imagined that I would be mayor of Lansdale. This June 4th, I will be mayor of Lansdale for four years, and at times, I am still trying to figure out “Why me?” I know there is the logical explanation; I registered at the County Board of Elections to put my name on the ballot, I know a few people in town and I am passionate about Lansdale, but then again there are a lot of passionate, Lansdale residents who have been here longer than I have. Why do I mention this?  There is a certain, indescribable, humbling feeling when I am asked to speak at events where I really don’t have any qualifications to speak other than– well, being the mayor. For the past three years, I have been asked to say a few words at Lansdale’s Memorial Day Observance Ceremony. I am not a Veteran, and I stay away from making trite comments about subjects that I’m not familiar with (that may not make for a good politician) so I spoke, albeit not very eloquently and slightly emotionally, about what I do know which is that my nephew spent a year in Iraq.

And now, if I may exercise my prerogative as mayor and say something that I am sure of: the Memorial Day Observance Ceremony is the finest and noblest event in Lansdale.


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