Yard Sales

One of the many nice things about living in a small, walkable community are the yard sales. This past Saturday was the day when many Lansdale residents presented their unwanted wares for display on their front yards with the hope that someone else would want to give them money for things that typically appear on the television series “Hoarders”. More important than selling your stuff– which when you divide the three or four hours spent getting the stuff ready and then sitting outside waiting for buyers on a beautiful Saturday morning, the hourly wage ends up being less than $2.00/hour– is the reacquainting process that takes place with your neighbors. The grass is growing, the leaves are on the trees, grills are being ignited which all means that neighbors are once again outside, but for the shy types, simply going up to a neighbor that one hasn’t spoke to all winter may seem a bit forward. For that reason there are the yard sales– an excuse to meander and say hello and catch up on what happened since the Christmas Tree lighting. And of course, there is also the prospect of finding hidden treasure at these yard sales, which I vow doesn’t exist. Kids clothes, glass vases, DVD’s, are the usual fare. But every now and then something interesting comes along like old leather luggage (for that transatlantic voyage) or a Spanish style throne chair that would look great at the head of the table. Or bumping into a neighbor who has a new baby girl whom you haven’t seen yet. These are the reasons for yard sales– not to mention the few dollars to put in your pocket.


One response to “Yard Sales

  1. Great goods from you, man. how’s the event going?

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