Easter in Lansdale

Little did I realize until a few years ago that the Borough has seventeen churches. This morning I visited them all to see how Lansdale worships on Easter. It started at six o’clock before sunrise with a visit to 145 Green Street for a gathering of the surrounding area Korean churches, which account for just about half of the churches in Lansdale. Here they are: the First Generation Korean Church on North Broad Street, Line Street Zion Presbyterian Korean Church, Calvary Korean Church on the corner of Richardson Street and Derstine Avenue, Kyung Hyang Church on the corner of Main Street and Towamencin Avenue, the Ha Ma Eum Faith Presbyterian Church on Elm Drive, the Philadelphia Smyrna Catholic Korean Church on West Mount Vernon Street and pictured here the Korean Mission Presbyterian Church on Green Street.

My next stop was Saint Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church for seven o’clock mass. At the side entrance, I couldn’t help but take a photo of Felix Molletierre and his wife, Stella. Felix also happened to give me my first and last haircut.

Leaving mass at Saint Stans, I went to the other end and other side of Main Street to Trinity Lutheran Church, which is probably one of the most recognizable buildings in town with an interior just as attractive.

Backtracking east on Main Street to an overlooked gem in Lansdale is Montco Bible Fellowship Church with their wonderful choir and Pastor Tony Hart. Here are Pastor Hart, two congregants and me.

Heading north on Broad Street, I stopped in at the Lansdale Methodist Church where I was christened 42 years ago. The two girls in the photo, accompanied by their grandparents, were also christened there a few years later.

Meandering through town killing time before the next mass, I saw a sandwich board outside the North Penn Valley Boys and Girls Club for the Renew Community which is a congregation based out of Lansdale, but without a permanent home– for the time being. Their pastor– pictured here– is J.R. Briggs, Lansdale resident, friend and active member in the community.

Another long established church is Saint John’s located right in the heart of town in a beautiful stone building with gorgeous stained glass windows and ornamental woodwork inside. Pictured here is Bill Miller, a clarinetist with the church chamber ensemble.

Next stop: Church of the Messiah Episcopalian Church on the corner of Broad Street and Fourth Street. This time with my daughter, Anna, in tow we were warmly greeted by Reverend Ditterline. When I asked if we could take a photo, he replied with, “Give me seven minutes and the photo will look much better with my vestments on.” A man after my own heart.

I cheated with my next stop because I didn’t wait for Easter services, but I just went over to Seventh and Broad Streets to Lansdale’s First Baptist Church on the chance that I would find someone for a photo. And of course, I found a chorister and her son arriving early for rehearsal.

Making our way home, we stopped in at Grace Mennonite Church located at Mitchell Avenue and York Avenue. Again, we were warmly greeted by  a few congregants but with a three year old at her third church of the morning, patience was wearing thin and a brief photo was all that was allowed.

Finally, only a block away from our home at the corner of Cannon and York Avenues is Lansdale Mennonite Church led by neighbor, Larry Bergey.

There you have seventeen options for Christian worship in Lansdale. And after all that worship, what would Easter be without bright colored eggs with chocolate inside hidden in the backyard?


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