The vernal equinox may be tomorrow but with the unseasonably warmer temperatures, spring has come a little early to Lansdale. Taking a chance last night that they were open, I took my three year old, Anna, to Rita’s Water Ice on Broad Street. At three years old, she knows what ice cream is but she can’t remember going to Rita’s last year, so when I tell her, “Let’s to go to Rita’s for ice cream,” she looks at me with the curiosity of a three year old and simply says, “Ice cream?” On the way to Rita’s, we swing by White’s Road Park where the ornamental plums are out in full purple bloom (ask any photographer or artist and the evening light in March and October is the best of the year) and of course, the teenagers are out on their bikes and skateboards jumping down the steps oblivious of the trees wondering what I am doing taking photos of them.Leaving White’s Road, we head up Broad Street and at the Vine Street redlight, I am able to snap a photo of the old frieght yard which almost glows in the setting sun; unfortunately, the guy behind me didn’t think so and ushered me on my way with his horn. Arriving to Rita’s and parking across the street, I see a family sitting on the steps of the old music hall eating their ice cream. I can’t help but take a photo and then ask for their approval. I tell them who I am– as usual questioning looks– and then they tell me they’re from Glenside because one of them used to live here. It’s nice to see four generations out for ice cream on a warm spring night.

Difficult decisions…



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