Grassroots Planning

This weekend was the first planning meeting of the year for the Third Annual Craft Beer Festival. As can be seen from the photo, there are a handful of neighbors crowded around the dining room and kitchen engaging in a free flow of ideas as to how to improve this very successful event– grass roots organization at its finest. Like so many other worthy causes and events in their infancy, there is something genuine about this scene.

Many other events and organizations have had similar, humble origins in Lansdale: the Farmers’ Market, the Car Show Under the Lights, the Memorial Day Parade, Founders’ Day, Bike Night, the Lucky One Miler, Lansdale Day, the Mardi Gras Parade and the Christmas Tree Lighting to name a few. Simple ideas incarnated into actual events, each serving a need to foster and promote a different sector of the Lansdale community: the Vets, the bikers, the foodies, the car enthusiasts, the beer enthusiasts, the runners and of course, the families (or in the case of the Oktoberfest, those who desire to wear lederhosen).


One response to “Grassroots Planning

  1. Thanks Andy. There’s something to be said about ordinary citizens banding together to try to improve the town in which they live. It’s what makes Lansdale Great. Your own leadership with the Octoberfest event is a great example of that.

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