One house at a time

Driving around the Borough and traveling many of the same streets to and from work, to and from Borough Hall and to and from the grocery store, certain things get noticed more than others: a new fence, a particular tree in the fall or in this case, 241 Susquehanna Avenue. The two story, Folk Victorian home was built in 1900 and has been meticulously restored by John Burkitt. What is refreshing to see is that the rehabilitation has been done in large part by Mr. Burkitt himself. For years he could be seen on scaffolding stripping paint or repairing the porch. Incredible attention has been paid to maintaining the the original slate siding and the decorative, architectural molding and cornices (anyone who owns a home knows that it would have been much easier and less expensive to cover up the slate with vinyl siding and cap the exterior moulding with aluminum). Even the paint used is historically accurate. Looking at this house, one can’t help but think of some of the homes in Cape May (without the ocean, of course). Cape May was once written off and the old Victorians could be had for a song. Slowly, those homes were bought and rehabbed and each restoration slowly improved the morale of the town. Seeing Mr. Burkitt’s home and its transformation, I’d like to think that his pride of ownership is infectious and that in a few years people will say, “If I had only bought that house in Lansdale when I had the chance…”


One response to “One house at a time

  1. I love what they are doing with this house. I think it shows the pride people still have in their homes. The progress is amazing and I can’t wait to see it finished.

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