New Year’s in Lansdale

The New Year started off with a Ball Drop a la Times Square on West Mount Vernon Street. In the middle of the block strung up over one of the branches of the canopied, street trees was an exercise ball– no, actually two exercise balls– covered with Christmas lights (thanks to the tremendous ingenuity of a talented architect on the block) and attached to an extension cord just waiting for midnight. The street was closed off at each end of the block, and there were heaters, chimineas and tents in place to ward off the chill. Neighbors brought out dishes of appetizers and hors d’oeuvres and of course, there was alcohol and music to ease the sadness of the departing year and welcome the promise of the new. With bellies full, heads light and pockets devoid of car keys, there weren’t  many worries amongst the revelers, and conversation was easy and uninhibited– perhaps, a little too uninhibited at times, but well, this was New Years’ Eve. Midnight quickly approached and yours truly began to ease the extension cord attached to the exercise balls covered in Christmas lights safely to the ground. With a crowd of fifty or so people present there was no consensus as to the exact time of the countdown until the cacophony of noise makers and a dozen different versions of “ten, nine, eight… ” became a unified “five, four, three, two…”. Finally, with the balls safely on the ground, 2012 had officially begun… in Lansdale.


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