Hello Lansdale!

This is the beginning of a blog for me– something I never really thought I would do. This blog came about as a suggestion from a friend who had recently read about a project that I am currently working on called “365 Days in Lansdale”. “365 Days in Lansdale” is a photo essay that I began on January 1, 2012 to document a year as mayor in Lansdale. Each day I take a dozen or so photos and then I write about what I did that day relating to the Borough. The reason for this is partially for me, partially for my children and partially for the residents of Lansdale (should anyone care to read it!). The past three and a half years have been tremendously interesting. Three weeks prior to becoming mayor, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I would be a public servant. Anyway, stay posted. I hope to write at least every day, and if nothing else I hope that my readers will take an interest in the governmental process.


10 responses to “Hello Lansdale!

  1. Congratulations on creating this blog, Mayor Andy! Can’t wait to see what you post.

  2. Andy: What an interesting and exciting project. My compliments to you as mayor. You are exceptional person and I am proud and honored to repeat your name as Lansdale’s ambassador.

  3. Mr. Mayor, just make sure you get full releases from any individuals who appear in images or in the blog that would have otherwise preferred to stay anonymous. Maybe you can make the start of this blog retro to Jan 1st. I’d be more than happy to share images from your first event of the New Year if you’d like.

  4. What a fantastic idea Mayor Andy. Think about doing a 365 page photo book (one dated, good photo from each day). I’ll buy the first one but I want it autographed. Willard Krieble, Largo Florida.

  5. Great idea, Mr. Mayor! A blog and a baby all in one week. It’s exciting to see so many exciting things happening in Lansdale. And more to come. The town is looking great!

  6. Welcome to the blogging world! I try 365 projects every year, but find that my life is not exciting enough to document with a photo a day! LOL!

    • Martha,

      Thank you for writing. It will be interesting to see how this works out. I write every day, but I probably won’t post everyday. I might end up boring people so they don’t come back.

      Andy Szekely

  7. We all love Lansdale! And we love Lansdale real estate :)

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